Saturday, February 25, 2017

MEDIA: Protect ALL Of The Bill Of Rights

CNN's Jake Tapper and many other members of the "Lame Street Media" have gotten their black lace panties in knots about President Trump's exposing their warts and pimples---A matter of "Free Speech" as is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. That reaction is proof that such persons are only concerned about that part of The Bill Of Rights as deals with a "free press". 

It would be well for such persons to be as active in supporting those provisions directed at:
1. Protecting the "free exercise of religion" within the meaning (A) established in 1789 and NOT the perversion authored by a SCOTUS justice who was a member of the KKK and a hater of the most orthodox of Christian Churches;
2. Protecting the individual rights of (Law abiding and properly presumed sane) citizens to "keep and bear arms" as also within the intent (B) of the Founders of our Republic; 
3. Protecting the free speech and "due process" rights of university/college students against the aggressive tyranny of Fascist school officials, And,
4. Protecting the rights of "the States and the People" from the cancerous growth of the Federal government  as is very opposed to the provisions (And underlying intent) of Amendments IX and X.

The "Media" also generally failed to attack the Obama Administration's violations of First Amendment rights by such means as: Abusing the too great powers of the IRS to suppress the free speech and free press rights of Obama's opponents; Having a US Attorney threaten those who exercised free speech by merely asking questions about the "Dark Side" of Islam; And too many other violations of constitutional rights to list here

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