Monday, February 13, 2017

The Democrat's "Main Stream"

 "BOTOX" Pelosi and other "leaders" of the Democratic (sic) Party continue to vomit out the term "Main Stream". She and those other, self-poisoned, Democrats have ridden their stream to a constitutional election of President Trump (With a majority of the popular vote if California were not counted) AND, what is much more important, based on popular votes:
  1. The GOP's ongoing control of The Congress; And,
  1. A steady Republican take over of the USA's State Houses and State legislatures.

As a Republican I must thank such critters (And their co-actors) for supporting the future victories of my Party.

The last time I saw-and-smelled a stream like unto the Democrat's “main stream” was during my one (And last) visit to the "Chicago Sanitary Canal" which dumps that city's filth (Unfortunately not including its armed gang members, Democrat administration and other criminals) towards the Mississippi River.

The election of President Trump allows of a new "Clean Water Stream" as will be the preferred "Main Stream" for the voyages of more voters to the only real polls to cast ballots for Republicans.

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