Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I continue to be concerned about the ranting people who complain about “Partisan” politics! They fail to understand the following equation PARTISAN = DEMOCRACY (Or are waging a Fascist campaign-or-Jihad against democracy and the USA).

“Partisan” is shorthand for the differences in our fellow citizen's views on what should be the laws, policies, and practices of our government(s). It also represents the differences in who should be our elected officials and, through some of them, who is appointed to be judges, SCOTUS justices and policy making-and-executing officials.

In recent years those partisan differences have: Resulted in the constitutional election of President Donald J. Trump (Who received a majority of votes if Berkeley-style-mob ruled California election results are discounted); Ongoing control of The Congress by the GOP; And a steady increase in the number of State Houses and State legislatures by Republicans.

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