Friday, February 17, 2017

Democrats & "Russian" (?) Hacking

The Democratic (sic) continues to vomit-out screes, whines and other evidences of pathology about “Russian Hacking”.

Having an intellect superior to most I fully understand the reasons basic to their sniveling.

Their ire is not about any danger-to or, even, attack-on the sanctity of our election system. After all, it has survived the corrupt Tammany Hall and the Chicago Democrat machine.

The reasons for their projection-of-guilt include, but are not limited-to, the following: The “Russians” (If, and only if, they were the primary hackers) were able to break into only their systems as:

  1. Clearly re-enforced the proof that such as H. Clinton were unable or unwilling to protect secretes for both their Party and, by I inference, for the protection of the American People if allowed full access to to state secretes; And,
  2. Among the information derived, directly or indirectly, from that hacking was the DNC's conspiracy against Senator “Bernie” Sanders and the advance leading of presidential debate questions to Ms. Clinton's staff---Which was a direct attack on our presidential selection system.

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