Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Noting The Death Spiral Of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Your February 26, 2017 issue inflicted a wide range of (Coordinated?) excuses as to the current cut-backs in what you offer/sell to your readers. (I have been a subscriber since 1967---A status unlike to exist beyond the end of my present subscription).

It appears that I will be forced to obtain news-and-views on-line. For those parallel to what you have been recently offering I can access al Jazeera, the Advocate, The People's World, the Onion, the Shepherd Express and USA Today (Now that Der Angriff is out-of-print).

Rather than read (As seldom done) the columns of your Pseudo-Republican columnists, I can directly access RINO ravings at the National Review. If I wish more Anti-American views (ie Opposed to the views of the patriotic Founders of our Republic), I can subscribe to the "on-line" version of the New York Times and support its hope for the success of its policy of "Tell A Lie Often Enough And It Becomes The Truth" (ie As shared by CNN, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times).

My Sunday reading of your paper was in the following order: Comics; News; "Crossroads"; Business; And others.
1. You have cut back the Comics section eliminating the more artistic and elegant offerings; 
2. I have addressed you news section above and by many prior comments on your biased selection, placement and editorializing of "News"; 
3.Have eliminated "Dilbert" as was generally against asinine  behavior in private companies (Of which you have today provided clear-and-present examples); And, 
4. You have castrated the "Crossroads" (Sunday editorial) section and will be doing the same to the weekly editorial page (Are the editors too lazy to write?). [Although I disagreed with most of the editorial and reader views inflicted by your paper, they did stimulate my mind---Usually to point-out their divorce-from-facts and pathological bias to you and others.]

I also-and-specially have noted your lack: Of using the "the scientific method" to evaluate the  sundry "social justice" programs pimped by you; News relating to the basic, unalterable and horrid teaching of Islam and the support by actions, contributions and other means by a majority of Muslims; Facts regarding the dollar costs of illegal immigrants; Any information as to the age-race-gender of those involved in illegal misuses of firearms; And, other like, "Politically Incorrect" facts.

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