Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Your Voting Choices

If you, even "sort of”, invent or accept excuses for the recent and murderous attacks on police in Dallas, Baton Rouge AND many other places---Vote for Democrats.

If you approve of "Black LIES Matter", the "New Black Panthers" and other race-baiters such as MR. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton (The step-son of "The Father Of Lies)---Who all maintain their incomes and poof-up their over-developed and unjustified senses of self-worth by stirring up race hate in the USA---Vote for Democrats.

If you approve of taking away modern firearms from law-abiding and legally-presumed sane citizens, leaving them to be victims of the tyranny of those waging Jihad, gang-bangers, rights-destroying politicians and other criminals---Vote for Democrats.

If you wish to support the Party as has contributed the vast majority of mass/notorious killers in the USA (Without help from members of the NRA)---Vote for Democrats.

If you support the mass importation of Muslims from ISIS controlled lands who have not been sorted-out to eliminate those who are likely terrorists---Vote for Democrats.

If you support an Administration which has protected the worst of Muslims and even attacked the free speech rights of those who even ask “hard questions” about Islam's crimes, vote Democrat.

If you approve of Obama who has aided Iran, which is supporting war against us, by giving that Jihad waging theocracy many millions of dollars and, directly or indirectly, aiding its A-bomb program---Vote for Democrats.

If you favor the mass migration of "illegals" (Including those who violate visa conditions) who bring with them terrorists, illegal drugs and those occupying/stealing jobs from our poorest fellow citizens (eg Black youths)---Vote for Democrats.

If you support those who allow the murder of unborn children, as a form of birth control, vote for democrats.

Otherwise, vote for Republicans.

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