Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Judge Merrick Garland

Judge Merrick Garland is not a "Moderate Jurist"---Unless you would use the same term for Mr. Justice Hugo Black [Once a member of the KKK who ignored the intent of the authors of the First Amendment in assigning a false meaning to "the free exercise of religion"] or to the  tyrannical Judges George Jefferys and Ronald Freisler.

It appears that Judge Garland supports a false interpretation of the Second Amendment  (With its "shall not be infringed" clause)---In violation of the Founders' intentions and in favor of the judges "making law from the bench" and, thereby, taking from the People the authority to amend the Constitution by its internal-and-prescribed, democratic, means.

Not having the time or skills to do so, that anti-liberty position directly leads me to wonder if his other judicial positions are likewise in violation of what theConstitution's true place as our most basic law must be.

However, I do support: The Senate holding hearings on Barrack Hussein Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick; AND, its use of theDemocrat developed methods as inflicted upon Judge Bork.

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