Sunday, August 21, 2016

MMPI--Police, Officials And Others

My authority for making the below comments is based on: The fact that a part of my state taxes are  thrown at Milwaukee's problems (eg Street shootings, Horrid MPS performance) without any credible proofs of the positive outcome for such spending; And a 34-year, professional, career in criminal corrections  as based on a degree in Psychology and sound instruction in the "scientific method".

The first issue is based on the following question: Is there any scientific ["Valid and reliable", with "a high level of confidence" and peer-evaluated by such qualified persons who have no financial or ideological "axes to grind"] evidence to prove that the selected program will reduce injuries to citizens----Without reducing the protection of our fellow citizens (Including police officers) from violent persons without regard to their "mental health status"?

However, there is a scientific [As defined above] tool as may well prevent the presented/alleged problem. That is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) about which our "decision makers" should be informed and upon which they should base  policy and budget decisions .  
To make the best use of that scientific tests, as to police officers, it should be administered (With an enforceable guarantee to subjects that the data will not be "connected" with individuals) to those experienced officers and who have both the lowest records of even allegations of physical abuse of others and proven ability as to protecting the public.

Thereafter the MMPI should be administered, as a screening pre-test, to all: Applying for employment (Including as future Chiefs) with MPDAnd, for promotion within that department. Doing so would provide the following benefits:
1. It would screen out those with possible-to-probable psycho-pathologies2. Which would reduce the city's exposure to damages in the cases of "police abuse" civil actions by demonstrating a "good faith effort" to select/promote only "mentally stable/suitable" persons; And,
3. Comparing the applicants with the best police officers would allow the "appointing authority" to make the best possible hires and promotions.

Of course, such would required elected-and-appointed public officials to commit themselves to scientific methods of government and not to "political correct" wastes of tax payer's money. They (Especially the "race card players" among them) would do well to understand, "internalize" and apply other scientific knowledge  to "policing" and the "common good".

In fact, all candidates for public office should be required to take that test---And, its results made pubic to the People  (I specially note the MMPI's very accurate "Lie Scale"!)  

Could it be that school staffs, editors and columnists be subject to the same test and public notice?

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