Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Balence Of Payments: Reparations---For Black Americans

The "Black Lies Matter" mob has vomited out a new claim for reparations for the USA's Blacks,

I am unsure how the "accounting" should be executed as to such a matter.

CLAIMS AGAINST AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS:  Whatever the claim might be in-total, the first claim for payment should be against the current Black-controlled governments of Africa as are the political descendants of the Black rulers who sold other Blacks into slavery.
    After all, without those enslavements-and-sales there would have been few, if any, Blacks in the USA to make such claims.

AFTERWARDS---CLAIMS AGAINST THE USA:   If, and only if, those Black ruled African nations satisfy those basic claims (ie Even if it totally depletes their national resources---Including the moneys stashed out-of-country by their most corrupt rulers) then claims against the USA might be considered.

BASE DATE:  Until at least January 1, 1863 Slavery was legal in the USA. If, and only if,  we are a "Nation Of Laws", we must limit such claims to times which persons (Or the Nation) can lawfully be held liable.
   Perhaps, it would be "just" to move that date to January 1, 1900 ---A generation-plus after Emancipation.

SOME OTHER CREDITS AGAINST SUCH CLAIMS:  The disproportional costs inflicted by Blacks  as to crimes, remedial education (Including at universities),  "affirmative action", bastard children, AODA and other such costs must be deducted from any such ("Creative") claims.

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