Friday, August 26, 2016

A Rebirth Of Academic Freedom?

One of the greatest advantages of "Academia", in a free society, is the unfettered exchange of new knowledge--And the studied confirmation of the best in old learning.
It appears that the University of Chicago has confirmed (By its “no safe spaces” and “no trigger” letter to new Freshmen) such concepts as expressed by the 1894 University of Wisconsin Regents"WHATEVER MAY BE THE LIMITATIONS WHICH TRAMMEL INQUIRY ELSEWHERE WE BELIEVE THAT THE GREAT STATE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SHOULD EVER ENCOURAGE THAT CONTINUED AND FEARLESS SIFTING AND WINNOWING BY WHICH ALONE THE TRUTH CAN BE FOUND".   I doubt me that we need 20-plus page reports (As delight parasitic bureaucrats who drain university resources and inflate tuition). The noted, 1894, statement and the one page letter for U-Chicago Freshmen seem more than enough words to set and defend "Academic Freedom"--And the free speech right declared in the First Amendment to our Constitution.

I suggest that all university trustees, regents and the likeFormally thank the University of Chicago and its Dean Of Students John Ellison for the above-cited statement; And, confirm those thanks by sending a like letter to all of their students, faculty and other employees AND formally setting both as core parts of UW policy--Which shall be enforced by expulsion of students and firing faculty (Without regard to tenure) who violate that policy.
Being a long-term observer of "Academia" I suggest that it will be necessary for formally expel some students and (Perhaps) fire a tenured faculty member to insure that others fully understand the absolute commitment to those policies ("Pour encourageer les autres").

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