Sunday, August 21, 2016

Returning To A Balanced Government: Congress As Prosecutor

The recent and ongoing prostitution of the FBI (And DOJ) to the interests of Hillary Clinton and her Party require some re-balancing of power between the Legislative and Administration branches of our Federal government. Why, those events clearly show that a perverted DOJ can/will refuse to honestly investigate alleged crimes by the high ranking members of the party-in-power and that preventing even the “snow ball's” chance of an effective presentation to a Grand Jury.

Therefore, I suggest the following change(s) in our Constitution:
Upon a petition signed by 30 Members of the Senate or 100 Members of the House of Representatives, the Courts shall immediately give the Congress standing to bring criminal charges against any past or present member of the Federal government for violations of our Laws.

Upon receiving such standing the Congress shall appoint and fund a “Special Counsel” as shall execute the same duties as a United States Attorney and have the same powers as answerable only to The Congress.

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