Friday, August 05, 2016

Those Other Muslim Soldiers

I have no doubt but that Capt. Hamayun Kahn served our nation bravely and loyally---Perhaps in spite of his upbringing as a Muslim.
The debate following his father's heated (And sometimes insulting) speech at the Democrat's 2016 national convention brought to my mind two other Muslim soldiers: Then Sgt. Hasan K. Akbar who "fragged" his comrades-in-arms killing one and wounding/maiming others---Perhaps, in the name of Islam; And, Of course, then Maj. Nidal Hasan who murdered 13 other soldiers and wounded 30-plus at Fort Hood---Most certainly an act-of-war (Jihad) against the USA and that most certainly in the name of Islam.
Both of those critters have been found guilty of murder(s) and sentenced to death. At the least, Nidal Hasan should have also been charged with"Treason".
The portion of Muslims in our armed forces appears to be far less than Muslims' share of their part of USA's (About 1%) of the general population. There appears to be only a handful of such buried in Arlington.
From Orlando to Chattanooga to Little Rock to San Bernardino Muslims electing to wage Jihad (In obedience to that fellow Mohammed's commands) have murdered our fellow citizens---An increasing “contribution” to the world wide Islamist massacre of innocents in London, Paris, Brussels, The Philippines and too many other places.
Candidate Clinton was exempted from the military draft by her gender. Of course, she declined to volunteer for military service as have many, patriotic, American women---Or for such other service, for the "Common Good", as in the Peace Corps or its domestic equivalent in uncomfortable/dangerous locations. "Somehow", William Jefferson Clinton managed to avoid the military draft.
I must wonder why the media or honest other persons failed to mention those "other Muslim soldiers" in recent days.

Oh yes, I honorably served as a volunteer and at-risk in our Armed Forces.

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