Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theoretical Notes On Today's Weapons For Free Citizens

I note that full-jacketed 0.308 and 5.7x28mm rounds will easily "punch through" (Especially at "at-your-door") the body armor of Nazi like Storm Troopers and
other criminals (eg. Those "Violating Civil Rights Under Color Of Law").

A little research will provide anyone on how to make "Composition C" or "Plastique".
That stuff, some sheet metal and ball bearings, nuts, bolts, fiberglass (Will not show up on many X-rays) and other junk will make a decent Claymore Mine.

Placed at knee level such cut-down-at-the-knees such invaders defended with most body armor.

Of course there is the risk of prosecution and persecution for even building, let alone using such against storm-troopers or other home invaders.

The same research will provide your with plans for non-WMD flame throwers, some which look like canes.


Anonymous said...

allah will judge you soon

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