Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sadness RE: The Church Ignoring Truth

I was saddened by such headlines as "Islamic Scholars Bash Benedict". It is not that I was surprised by such a reaction as Muslims, scholars and clerics more than most, react to any criticism of Islam as an actual attack or "bashing". Such are not interested in truth, but only in forwarding the goals of that ideology which, by the way, include the effective destruction of the Church.

What truly saddens me is the limp-wristed, cowardly and delusional responses of the last series of Popes, the Holy See, so many bishops (Especially in the Eastern Churches), editors-and-publishers of "Catholic" publications and too many others. All of such persons continue to physically-and-spiritually endanger all Catholics, all Christians, Jews (Our spiritual ancestors) and everyone who is not Muslim.

I suggest that we need such popes (And Church supporters) as Urban II (First Crusade), Innocent XI (Turning back the Muslim Turks at Vienna) and St. Pius V (Battle of Lepanto).

Most of all we need to apply the teachings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a "Doctor Of The Church", who taught us how to properly, ethically and morally "strike blows for Christ". Today's Church seems unable to strike those blows even with the sword-of-truth by declaring: The true nature of Islam by listing its horrid goals and even more horrid means;That Islam regresses to its most medieval modes as its population, in any place, increases; And, that true-believing Muslims are, like pirates, the enemies of all humans.

Of course, words did not and will not protect the Christian and Pagan peoples of the Sudan from the Janjaweed and other Muslim agents of Islamic state terrorism (I am redundant here). Contracting with "Blackwater" or some like security company would have done those victims much more good. A heartfelt shout, from the Vatican, of DEUS VULT! appears to be needed!

I was asked by a regular Catholic columnist, "Are you trying to start a war with over a Billion Muslims?". The fact is that we have been at war with Islam since its inventor declared it to be perpetual until all are under the rule of Muslims and Sharia or have accepted the slave-like status of "dhimitude". That state-of-war continues to this day and for the future without regard of the views expressed by the Holy See, and all those intellectual cowards-and-liars noted in the first paragraph of this letter AND secular persons.

Now, WHO willwar declare the truth that the Pope and those others named above are unwilling to speak or write?

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allah will judge you soon