Monday, May 09, 2011

Equitable Responces To Islamic Attacks

There is a world-wide campaign of attacks against Jewish, Christian Buddhist. Sikh and other true religions' communities, places-of-worship and individuals by Muslims acting alone (As a result of "Sudden Jihad Syndrome"), small groups, larger mobs and regional OR world wide organizations.

Yet, when any Muslim is asked about such attacks, their usual response is that, "Oh. those are the other and radicalized Muslims". That is a lie OR a much more dangerous "half-truth" or "half-lie"---For the following reasons.
1. All Muslims must believe that the whole of the Koran are the actual words of their Allah and may not be altered or modified or softened by any person since the death of Mohammed AND such commandments and examples are to be followed;
2. The Koran (Along with the sayings of Mohammed and the examples of his life) encourage or allow, and often command, the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, banditry, perpetual war with "unbelievers", sexual use of girl-children as young as nine-years-of-age and the other horrors taught by that creature.
3. One of the best kept secrets of Islam is that all Muslims consider themselves of a world-wide brotherhood (ie Ummah) with full responsibility for each other and with a duty to support each other against the "unbelievers".

Since #3 above is true, I see no reason to NOT hold any Muslim (Group) responsible for the actions of ANY other Muslim Group(s) anywhere in the world.

Therefore, the burning of a Christian Church in Egypt could result in the like destruction of a Mosque in the USA or Londonistan or Paris. The like destruction of a Sikh temple (Gurdwara) in Cape Town would result in parallel and counter action in Denmark. The same should hold for Muslims' attacks Synagogues, Hindu-Buddhist temples, Etc..

The just means of doing so would require:
1. Prior and world-wide warning of such actions-to-come if the noted Islamic attacks do not fully stop;
2. Further such warnings after the first few instances of such "reactions";
3. That should be done without hate or other illicit passions and only as a "teaching example"or matter-of-justice or "balancing Karma". [For traditional Christians, the teachings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, in his "De Laude Militae Novae" should be applied .]
4. Unlike Muslims, others should not attack women children and should attempt to, as much as possible, minimize "collateral damage".

It may be that Muslims will not respond to such attacks by stopping their attacks as they worship death and welcome such for their Allah (NOT the same as Arabic speaking Christians and other non-Muslims).

But, we must remember that compromise with evil is evil and our human and basic goal, under "Natural Law", is Justice above Peace.

Those who object by saying "Do you want to start a war with 1.5 Billion Muslims should be remember that Mohammed declared perpetual war against "unbelievers", which war obviously continues to this day.


Anonymous said...

Allah will judge you soon

James Pawlak said...

God will judge all of us in the near future by the standards of eternity.

As God has given all humans the Natural Law right to self-defense and justice, my proposal will save me.