Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Note To A "Pathological Pacifist"


Yesterday I received another note from a very "nice" (NOT in the eariler meaning of accurate and exact) person who is what I consider a "pathological pacifist".
Below you will find another letter-in-depth.

Dear Friends In Christ:

I noted the message you sent me. The following points are made.
1. At this moment I do not have the time to research the noted speech and cannot tell if the quote was or was-not
"taken out of context".
2. As a Latin Rite Catholic I know that I have no need to believe in or follow the "teachings" of any Pope unless he
speaks-or-writes "ex cathedra"
3. As I have previously noted the "peace" you propose is the "peace of desolation", that desolation and ruin (In this era)
comes primarily from Islam's true believers for whom peace-without-conquest if a sin and is an evil. That hard-rock position and
its related crimes must be combated for the sake of the innocent under the authority given to all of his creations by Natural Law.
Natural which includes the hate-less use of such force (Including deadly force) as are needed to defend self and innocents from
criminal (Islamic) attacks.
4. The "peace" you propose-and-defend is, in fact, a form of physical-and-spiritual suicide and, therefore, a most serious sin..
5. Although The Christ indicated that we should "turn the other cheek" after being slapped on the face (Only the most ignorant
would not know that such was a much more serious insult in His era than today), He did not command us to not resist murderers,
rapists, arsonists, child-abusers and others of that horrid ilk.
6. I am, myself, willing to forgive "70 times 70 times" if, and only if, the usual preconditions of the Church are met, being: Declaring
the sin; Stating the acts(s) as sin(s); Asking for forgiveness; Expressing an heart-felt intention to not so sin again; And, in some
cases making restitution and penance. [Over history, the Christians and, for them, the Churches, have done that for the sins committed
against others in the name of Christianity. Over history and to this day, Muslims will NOT do so as to the almost infinite crimes they
have inflicted on the innocent in the name of Islam.]
7. As noted above, hate (And other illicit passions) is (Are) the real risk to the Christian warrior as any use of force (Including
deadly force) must be done in the name of Justice and The Just Judge, without such moral handicaps. (Passion also cripple
the warrior and makes moral and combat judgements dangerous to self-and-others.) Therefore, "striking blows for Christ", AND
NOT FOR SELF, is allowed according to the teachings of the Church as so well defined, by that "Doctor Of The Church"
St. Bernard of Clairvaux, in his "De Laude Militae Novae".
9. For myself, I will: Not ask soldiers to give up their profession, but only ask that they be just; Will praise most of the USA's
"Centurions" of this era as men of great Faith; Will maintain the authority of the state to "use the sword" (Or AR-15s) to punish evil-doers;
And, will maintain my right, under Natural Law and in a democracy, to be a citizen-soldier, a centurion and, as a part of the first line of just
defense against all domestic and foreign criminals, a user of the sword-of-justice.
10. I am fully prepared to be judged for these positions and any related acts, At age 72-years, I do not expect to wait long for that


PS---Oh yes: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner; Savior of the world, save thy people!


paul said...

interesting post

i suppose one would have to delete a big chunk of the OT

if all the battles where the Lord provided the victory

were 'pacifistically' removed

Anonymous said...

allah will judge you soon