Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wisconsin's "Dead Letter Laws"

Some have stated that Wisconsin's unenforced laws should be removed from our list of criminal offenses. The classic case is "Adultery" where full prosecution of offenders would likely leave us a State without enough people "on the outside" (Of prisons and jails) to take care of those "on the inside". (As a one time Wisconsin Probation & Parole Agent", I can remember a couple who were convicted of that offense), The classic, recent, example of such a criminal is Milwaukee's police chief and his self-admitted adultery.

However, it is a matter for the People's elected legislators to remove such statutes.

At one time Wisconsin had such crimes as "Bank Burglary" (Which allowed a life sentence!), "Rape", "Theft Of Livestock", "Sexual Intercourse With A Child". These were rewritten under different titles or otherwise removed from our stature books---By the Legislature.

I also note that "Treason" (ie Waging war against the State of Wisconsin) remains on our statute book (s.946.01) although as far as I know, there has never been a prosecution for that offense ( Although some of the mob which recently attacked our State Capitol building could be construed as having violated that law; The statutory required acts, as exhibited by the noted mob members, went well beyond the protection for "free speech").

For that matter, I suggest that the Legislature add some sort of "Violation Of Civil Rights Under Color Of Law" which would go beyond the current "Misconduct In Public Office" towards protecting the rights of the People.

Bonis nocet quiquis pepercerit malis.


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