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Other Notes On Weapons & Citizens

Best Book: Second Amendment & Bill Of Rights
Halbrook, Stephen P. (Ll.D.);
The Founders' second Amendment: Origins Of The Right To Bear Arms;
Ivan R. Dee (Publisher), In Association With The Independent Institute;
Chicago, 2008
The above cited book is excellent for the following reasons:
1. It provides a deep and well documented (Original documents) review of the development of the Second Amendment to our Constitution and, more generally, of the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution;
2. The author presents both sides of each argument before and during the Revolution and during the development of the Bill Of Rights (Especially as to the Second Amendment) and the Constitution as they occurred and in a logical sequence.;
3. The "Conclusions" chapter are very apparently the opinions of Mr. Halbrook and honestly separated from the body of this history.

Those who teach materials as to the subjects covered in this work would be unprofessional if they do not read this book. "Misconduct In Public Office" would be the least accusation I would make against any law-maker or jurist who fails to do the same before dealing with gun related issues. Editors and publishers who fail to know the materials in this volume should be considered unprofessional if they fail to consider the facts presented and conclusions made by Mr. Halbrook before reporting or writing editorials on the Second Amendment.

The points I found very interesting are here listed.
1. "The Militia" (Or "general militia) is the whole body of adult-and-free citizens who have a Natural Law Right to own weapons and to carry them anywhere they please AND may have a duty to own weapons for defense of self and his State.
2. The "well regulated militia" noted in the Second Amendment is that part of the "general militia" as organized into companies (Often at a town or village level) and equipped with standard firearms, drilled in military skills and organized into larger units (Usually under officers appointed by the Governor of each State).
3. These (Both) militias were seen as necessary for the defense of each State AND, much more important to most of the founders of the USA, to provide a defense against the potential tyranny of an overly powerful Federal government.
4. The "blunderbuss" was an early type of very short barreled shotgun, much like the sawed-off shotguns. These weapons were, in fact, sought by the members of the short-of-weapons early, revolutionary, militias, This is in opposition to the Federal Court case (Citation needed) which ruled that such shotguns were not nor never a militia weapon.
5. Pocket pistols were carried by our Founding Fathers with no concern as to CCW permits.
6. British General Gage was specially concerned about the "back woodsmen" most specially skilled in accurate long range shooting being often dependent on such hunting skills for survival
7. Even at the time of the writing of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights there were persons who distrusted the People as to possessing arms.

From other readings I note that:
1. Abraham Lincoln was elected as an officer of his militia company in the "Black Hawk War"; And,
2. As late as 1856 The US Supreme Court noted (In the Dred Scott case) that only free citizens could arm themselves and then travel as they saw fit. this being a right of citizens at that time (And now)


Monday, July 16, 2007
Doing Citizen's Duty With A Knife
On the night of July 15-16, 2007 a local armed robber make a considerable mistake. After first attempting to pull away a purse from its owner, he then pulled out a gun. For his efforts he was taught that a knife can put a robber in the hospital, in critical condition, and that there are free citizens who ignore Wisconsin's foolish law against carrying concealed weapons as the police always seem to be too late to prevent such robberies and other crimes.

Now the police are wasting tax-payers' money by searching for the good citizen who did more to prevent crime than they did.

Perhaps a large number of armed, law abiding, citizens with licenses to carry concealed weapons could do more to suppress banditry and other crimes in our State.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Guns, Citizens, Police & Rational Thinking
The following letter was sent on Dec. 11, 2007.


First, anyone who is of the opinion that it would be possible to take away all firearms (Even just all handguns) from Americans is in need of therapy for delusional thinking. Such therapy wold be even more required for anyone who believes that criminals would obey any such gun confiscation laws and efforts---Let alone those citizens who have concluded, as did the staff of the US Attorney General, that the right to keep and bear arms is an right of individual citizens and not one limited to members of now non-existent militias.

Secondly, all should note the following:
1. The mass murderer at a Colorado missionary school was killed and stopped by an armed, under that State's just laws, citizen and not by police.
2. The like killer at a same-state mall was enabled in his massacre of our fellow citizens by laws and mall-regulations which made that place a theoretical "gun free zone", which made it into a "free fire zone" for a crazed killer.3.The victims at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School were, in truth, the victims of like "gun free zone" laws, even in State's where citizens generally have the right to CCW (With the inside police officer at the high school apparently running away from danger).
4. The killings at another Virginia university were halted by two students who used their firearms to stop and arrest a killer, even though that beneficial act was delayed by those students having to retrieve their pistols from their autos, the police not being in evidence.
5. In Milwaukee it was armed security guards who shot to death two thugs who fired, from the outside, at the patrons of a well regulated club, the police not being present to protect citizens.
6. In Milwaukee County one unarmed pizza delivery man is murdered by two thugs after another, but armed, such delivery man shoots an "instant socialist" who attempted to take away the product of his honest labor.

Any person with a rational mind should be able to see the pattern as illustrated by the above examples and come (Be forced?) to the conclusion that: Citizens can NOT rely on the police to protect them from killers and other very dangerous criminals; That "gun free zones" (Like the entire State of Wisconsin) are only "free fire zones" for dangerous criminals; And, police objections to CCW are not due to any interest in the safety of their fellow citizens, but only to make their job (Of cleaning up after killings and other crimes) easier and safer for those police officers.
Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Register Axes !
My June 5th newspaper brought the news of a youth striking his father with an ax. Such weapons are a great hazard to the public safety (As many claim for firearms) and the following steps must be taken by the Congress and the Legislature.
1. All axes must be registered.
2. No one under 21-years of age is to be allowed to purchase
such a weapon and all buyers of such must be checked out
for prior criminal convictions and mental health commitments
as well as current domestic violence matters.
3. If such military weapons (Look to the movie Brave Heart for
examples of military applications) cannot be removed from
all homes, they must have the heads and handles separated and
those parts kept locked up.
4. No axes must be allowed on campuses (Even those teaching
forestry subjects) as such will prevent insane or criminal persons
from using them to harm students and staff. The same should
be enforces for such public events as sports shows and lumber
jack contests except where state licensed ax specialists are
involved AND in complete control of these horrid weapons.

Of course, there are those who claim that axes do not cause death or injury and
only the people who mis-use them are so responsible; But we liberals know better!

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