Friday, May 13, 2011

My Final Position On CCW For Wisconsin

I have recently: Reread Article-1, Section-25 of the Wisconsin Constitution; Reconsidered the many laws we have against the misuse of firearms (eg Murder. Substantial Battery; Reckless/Intoxicated Used Of Firearms; Possession Of A Firearm By A Felon); The fact that the punishments for other crimes can be enhanced by the possession of a firearm while committing such a crime); And, the below-noted and anti-democracy "tricks" used to repress the rights of the People.

Please remember that excessive fees (ie Poll Taxes) have been previously used to exclude Blacks and poor people from exercising their constitutional rights. The costs associated with any mandatory training, fingerprint checks and ID cards could add up to like excessive costs.

The costs of any CCW license (If, and only if, any is required) should be no more than the cost of an ID card (eg As issued by DOT) and the cost of doing a electronic check to see if the applicant is qualified under either Wisconsin or US law to purchase a firearm.

I also note that unreasonable and ambiguous tests have likewise been used to limit constitutional rights. As to shooting tests the usual 50-foot test is NOT applicable to self-defense as the usual distance in self-defense is not more than half that distance AND the most common use of firearms for that purpose is the "mere" display of a gun. How does anyone test the ability of a citizen to use a concealed knife or other non-firearm weapon as surprise is essential to the effective use of such devices?

The "1000-foot) exclusion around schools make it impossible to exercise the "right to keep and bear arms" in any urban area.

The rational and pro-freedom solution is to punish only misuses of weapons and not the mere carrying of them---Which is already done by those who misuse weapons AND, to be honest, by many otherwise law-abiding citizens who wish equal rights with robbers and other criminals..

Private property (Along with jails, prisons, mental health facilities, court houses, power plants) can be "posted" against the carrying of weapons and violations treated as "Criminal Trespass". As constitutional rights do not stop at the physical boundaries of publicly funded-and-owned UW, that disorganization shall not be able to forbid CCW on campus.

Therefore, the only CCW law we should have is no such law; But, the ongoing and strict enforcement of our already existing laws for the misuse of such inanimate devices.

PS #1---The Shepherd Express and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial positions on CCW tipped me from supporting a very loose and "must issue" CCW permit law to the "no permit required" position defended above. I thank them!!!

PS #2---Before Michigan passed its CCW law, various Police Chiefs there predicted "blood running in the streets". That did not happen. At least one Chief had the good grace to note his error.

PS #3---Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam



MAXIM: "When a criminal attack is only seconds away, the police are only minutes away (And in rural or wilderness areas, only hours away)".

Please Specially Note: There is no positive correlation between CCW and violent crimes (Including night time burglary of homes). There are such positive correlations between such crimes and: Race; And, cities under Democrat administration or with mayors-and-aldermen associated with that Party.

Doing Citizen's Duty With A Knife

On the night of July 15-16, 2007 a Milwaukee area and armed robber made a considerable mistake. After first attempting to pull away a purse from its owner, he then pulled out a gun. For his efforts he was taught that a knife can put a robber in the hospital, in critical condition, and that there are free citizens who ignore Wisconsin's foolish law against carrying concealed weapons as the police always seem to be too late to prevent such robberies and other crimes.

Now the police are wasting tax-payers' money by searching for the good citizen who did more to prevent crime than they did.

Perhaps a larger number of armed, law abiding, citizens carrying concealed weapons could do more to suppress banditry and other crimes in our State.

Perhaps, the recent drop in violent crimes is more a matter of more citizens ignoring

anti-CCW laws than by any police actions. The police are usually too late to do anything but "count bodies and pick up pieces".

Gun Free Zone = Free Fire Zone
I have been reliably informed that the Omaha mall, the site of a recent massacre, was a "Gun Free Zone" by State Law and mall regulations. Like Virginia Tech (Columbine HS, Wisconsin's Weston HS, and other schools and places) "Gun Free Zone" really means "Free Fire Zone For Crazy Criminals", who can kill people in such places with the reasonable expectation that the police, who never seem to prevent such offenses, and armed citizens (Such as high and grade school staff), who are barred from carrying weapons, will nothing to stop them OR do so at great-and-fatal risk to themselves.

Of course, in Wisconsin the entire State is a "Free Fire Zone" for such murderers due to the State Supreme Court's failure to understand the very exact language of our Constitution as to the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms AND to the Legislature's failure to enforce the will of about 75% of Wisconsin's voters who added Article-I, Section-25 to Wisconsin's basic law.

Old Enough To Serve & Die: We have still to address the fact that many good citizens, under the age of 21-years are old enough to serve in our Armed Forces, be trained in the most modern and deadly weapons; But, are not old enough to buy a firearm or CCW under any proposed law. They are "old enough to die" in the service of our nation.

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