Sunday, May 20, 2007

Prayers Can Stop Murder

During a week when a four year old Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) girl was murdered by a drive-by shooter, some have doubted that prayer could help stop such crimes. They are wrong. Some prayers can do so.

The prayer of a red-capped judge, after imposing a death sentence, of "May God have mercy on your soul" (To which the Clerk says "Amen") would be a beginning. Following that, the prayers of a chaplain at a public execution by short/no-drop hanging or "musketry" (Perfectly "constitutional" at the time of the founding of this republic) would add its own "Amen" to the power of such prayers.

We have retreated from justice in the false-names of mercy, "evolving standards", sanitized death sentences and the like--All of which have nullified the meaning of "justice under law" and of the rights of the People to be free of supporting murderers for the rest of their unnatural lives in prison, free of the fear of such acts and to teach prospective drive by shooters and other like thugs and scum the public lesson needed.

Therefore, I suggest the following reforms:
Eliminate the differences between the varying, non-accidental, grades of homicide and treat them all as murder (Yes, I do include "Homicide By Intoxicated Use Of A Vehicle");
Require, by Law, all such cases to be exempt from all "plea bargains" and other like means of avoiding justice and the will of the People;
Require that all such cases receive absolute priority in both our trial courts and appeals courts, giving the defendant one choice (At the time of sentence) to either appeals by State courts or by Federal courts;
Require that such defendants have experienced legal counsel (To avoid appeals based on inexperienced legal advise);
Require that all executions be fully public (With no masks used) by short/no drop hanging or "musketry" as used at the time our Constitution was written, with the judge, DA, defense attorney(s) and six of the jurors, randomly selected from the jury (If any) at the trial to be present---Perhaps, with some carefully selected persons under probation or parole supervision present to bring home their future if they do not reform their behaviors.

We have tried other methods of controlling murderers and they have failed.

To which I cry out "Amen!".

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