Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's About ME !


1. GENDER: Male
2. MARITAL STATUS: Very married
3. Dream Vacation: To live in London, UK (With side trips to Rome, Poland, Germany)
in the style of a very wealthy person.
4. Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
5. Someone You Wish You Could Meet: The President--So I could give him an ear and
mind full.
6. Biggest "Pet Peeves": Political Correctness; Especially as to Islam, a 1400-year
old criminal-terrorist movement, Gun (ie People) control; Illegal immigrants;
Race-Pimps as Al(The Mouth)Sharpton and Jessie(The Extortionist)Jackson.
7. Favorite Prayer: (Other than the Mass)--"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living
God have mercy on me, a sinner.
8. Favorite Saint: Bernard of Clairvaux; For his "De Laude Novae Militae" which
tells Christians how to respond to Islam
9. Favorite Food: YES.
10. Least Favorite "Food": Brussels Sprouts; As provided by the Anti-Christ to give
us a first taste of Hell.
11. Would You Home School: NO--I lack the patience.
12. How many children do you have: Two by marriage, one by body and others by love.
13. Military Service: YES
14. Languages You Know Fluently: English (Usually) and Hugs.
15. Last Movie Seen In Theater: Too long ago to remember.
16. Favorite Movie: "Fantasia"
17. Favorite Blogs: Mine; Followed by "Modern Commentaries", "David Warren On Line"
and "Orthometer".
18. Pets?: Charles John Pawlak, grandson, age a few weeks old.
19. Thoughts on "Barney": Suitable for ritual and violent sacrifice.
20. Favorite Music: Children laughing, Plain Chant; Choral Symphony, The "good old
21. Least Like Noise: "Rap" and the sound of tearing metal (Little difference) and
"Elevator Music" as played in some churches.

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