Monday, May 28, 2007

Did I Mention Politicians ?

We have relied on the same old "educational experts" within our public schools and universities--And, have failed to make any real improvements in the public education of too many of our youth: Perhaps, we should fully commit to the free market and use both private (Including those based on Faith) and other contract schools (Both chosen by parents or legal guardians) and provide training and funds for home schoolers.

We have relied upon "gun controls" and the politicians and political police chiefs, for safe streets, playgrounds and schools---And, have failed to secure even the hope of such safe places for ourselves and our fellow citizens. Perhaps, we should rely on law abiding teachers, school administrators and other citizens and arm them with concealed weapons, and have the thugs (Rather than innocents) bleeding out their lives in the gutters.

We have relied upon the same politicians (Too often bought or leased by hotel owners, mega-farm operators and an few others) and the Border Patrol's administrators (Building their careers on the safety and bodies of their line workers and of all citizens and legal immigrants) to keep the flood of drug smugglers, bearers of untreatable diseases, job thieves, gang bangers, identity thieves and such from flooding across our Southern border--And have failed to so protect this nation. Perhaps, it is past the time to treat such invaders as such and to use the regular military, national guard, general militia and, armed, civilian volunteers to do whatever is necessary to repeal those invaders.

We have relied on politicians too weak to challenge the "University Industrial Complex" and upon U-Administrators who are not committed to the education of our youth, receiving instead only in-university corruption and waste and the conversion of the universities to be the slaves of industrial interests and self-serving university administrators. Perhaps, it is past the time to elect the presidents of our public universities (As we elect a State Superintendent of Schools) and Regents or "Boards-Of-Visitors" as we elect school board members).

We have relied on oil bought politicians and limp wristed religious leaders who continue to "reach out" to Muslims, accommodate their practices and beliefs AND tolerate their aggressive attacks on our lives, beliefs and culture---All without recognizing the danger of doing so. Perhaps, it is time to legislatively and judicially declare that Islam is NOT a religion; But, is a 1400-year old criminal-terrorist movement and a danger to all civilized persons---And, to take appropriate actions thereafter.

We rely upon self-centered politicians who, even if among the few with military experience, and political generals (Unlike such fighting officers as Sherman, Patton and Schwartzkopf) who deprive, for selfish reasons, our troops of the best weapons and defensive measures: With both such generals, after retirement, and the politicians, always, working for well paying defense contractors.

We rely upon politicians, editors, commentators, professors, lawyers, clergy and others who have never known war or other hardship service-to-the-nation to misguide and mislead us as to the nature, goals and means of war---They not understanding honor or sacrifice or real service to their fellow citizens of today and of tomorrow NOR of the lessons of history which might allow us to avoid repeating the worst lessons of the past.

DID I MENTION POLITICIANS??? Perhaps we, too soon, gave up the fine old American tradition of the liberal application of warm tar and chicken feathers to such to keep the others slightly more honest. Or, perhaps, we should apply the suggestion of President Thomas Jefferson (The same whose statement as to the "separation of church and state" is so often quoted and as often misinterpreted) to, from time-to-time, "water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants" (ie Some of those politicians I noted above).

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