Thursday, March 19, 2020

Why Democrats Support Gun Control---Updated

      The possibility of law-abiding citizens using guns to effectively-and-immediately stop criminal attacks may well be the reason that the leaders of the Democratic (sic) Party (ie Now the Democrat-Socialist-Fascist Party) have taken the lead in attempts to deprive our fellow citizens of modern-and-effective firearms. That is, the effective-and-immediate use of firearms, by law abiding citizens, to "put down" dangerous criminals is more likely to reduce the Democrat's “power base” than otherwise.  

For a long time I was confused about those tyrant's focus on eliminating the People's possession of AR-15s (And like semi-automatic rifles and all firearms with magazines holding more than 8-rounds) as it is a well established fact that ALL rifles are used to murder other Americans less than knifes or "blunt objects".
Then my aged mind finally concluded that such are the ideal weapons to liquidate tyrants and destroy tyrannies.

That is the fact feared by the above-named and would-be tyrants!

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