Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Joe Biden's Mental Condition

Here and first note that I am an educated-and-trained observer of human behavior. I was (Until after retirement) a "Licensed Social Worker" with a 34-year career in that field. During those hard years I had many contacts with mentally ill AND limited individuals.

After listening to candidate Joseph Biden I must conclude that he is in the state of "Early Onset Senility".

Here I must praise the prophetic wisdom of The Congress and The People in enacting the "Twenty Fifth Amendment" to our Republic's Constitution which allows for the removal of senile presidents for other than by any conviction under Article-I, Section-3 of that, our most basic, law.

It would be far better to NOT elect someone, like Candidate Biden, who shows such clear evidence of stumbling into full senility.

Of course, that diagnosis might benefit Mr. Biden if he is charged (Along with Hunter Biden) with one of the many felonies which should come out of an impartial investigation regarding the Ukraine corruption.

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