Saturday, March 07, 2020

Crime Victims & Race

Some years ago I was the supervisor of the Probation-And-Parole office which
supervised criminals from only ZIP 53206. That was the only one ZIP code 
P&P office in Wisconsin. I do/did have a "street level", face-to-face, knowledge of crime, criminals AND the (Most often) Black victims of Black thugs in  that district.

In reading the many rants against "mass incarceration" and "racism" I did not see any reference to any advocacy or those victims.

Any honest consideration of "Mass Incarceration"  of Blacks must include the 
statement: "Blacks commit more crimes, more violent crimes and them much more often than Whites and almost infinitely more than those of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ancestry---And, the majority of Black criminals victims are other Blacks".

In Milwaukee the vast AND disproportional number of both murderers (ie Including by reckless use of autos) and their victims are Black.

Although I admit that "coincidence is not (Necessarily) causation" I must note that the real decrease in the USA's rate of violent crime (ie Lower than about
100 other nations) has been co-temporal with:
1. The use of determinate sentencing and "mass incarceration" (sic); And,
2. The massive ownership of modern-and-effective guns by (Chiefly) law-abiding citizens of our Republic.

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