Sunday, March 15, 2020

Viruses, Rallies, Conventions & Democracy

Many years ago I put my life at risk by enlisting in the US Navy. I was, indeed, was assigned to one of the five/six (Then) most dangerous, enlisted grade, billets. I survived and that undamaged in body and mind.

Our nation's VA-and-military hospitals and cemeteries are full of those who did not survive or now live in a very damaged state.

After that service I graduated university and was involved in "risky" (Paid and unpaid) civilian work as has been shared by many police officers, fire-fighters and other such heroes. Some of those also have "paid the price" of such duties.

For myself, I consider our "system" of political rallies and party-conventions essential to the maintaining of our Democratic-Republic.

If, and only if, we Americans still retain some small part of that courage (As demonstrated: From the Concord and Lexington of 1775 to those who today protect us us from those waging Jihad; And, the peace officers and fire-fighters of today) we should not avoid (ie Run away from) those, very public, demonstrations of our patriotic courage. Yes, there is some, very small, risk of physical harm or even death.

Is "bearing witness" to our nation at rallies, conventions and polling places still a part of our  People's character?

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