Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Responding To "Restorative Justice" Mistakes

The real "Restorative Justice", in such (San Francisco) cases as exampled above, is best provided by:
1. "Twp to the chest and one to the head"; OR,
2. A "double tap" to the head; OR,
3. Four inches with the point, twist, remove and rapidly repeat four-plus times; OR,
4. A four inch deep slash across the lower belly (老子中經) or throat; OR,
5. Like, lawful and effective use of lethal force.

Such immediate and effective actions are the best way to prevent like attacks which represent "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm" to others AND save the city and county of San Francisco the costs of prosecution OR unproven "therapy".

The "unintended consequences" of such non-prosecutions  and of releases without setting (eg New York) bail may well be:
A. A greater increase in the private ownership of modern and effective firearms and of stores of "ammo" by law-abiding citizens;
B. The "liquidation" of those public officials who block or attempt to block the above;
C. An increase in the sale of rope (eg One-inch, hemp, line);
D. An increase in the costs to cities for repair of lamp posts or collection of garbage.

Property Represents Human Life

Honestly obtained property represents that part of a worker's life spent in earning it by physical or mental effort---OR by investing the products of such labor.

I think it more-than-proper to state: EVERY THEFT IS A LITTLE MURDER.

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