Thursday, March 12, 2020

The More Dangerous Pandemics

"Looking at the numbers" about the deaths and suffering caused by COVID-19 it appears that it is very much LESS harmful than the more dangerous epidemics discussed below.

THE VIOLENCE IN AND FROM THE PRC: Although the PRC might be described as a "Socialist" nation (ie Like Stalin's USSR) the pattern of its violence against is (ie Especially non-Han) peoples and all the world is much
more a clone/copy of traditional Chinese imperialism AND governance. 

The USA must admit that The PRC has been in a state-of-war against our
Republic for many decades and that war includes: Military threats AND actions; Sending corrupted and even poisonous products into our nation; Active economic warfare; Industrial and academic espionage; And, perhaps purposeful, control of the sources of the antibiotics needed to fight-off endemics, epidemics and pandemics.

Any citizen of the USA who aids that nation's attacks on the USA are guilty of TREASON within the meaning set by our Republic's Constitution.

At the least, the USA must: Expel all citizens or agents of the PRC in private (Industrial and other) and public (University and other) research programs or facilities; Make it a (Felony?) violation of The Law for corporations to share "Trade Secretes" with The PRC; Embargo all imports from The PRC which do not meet our public health requirements; AND, IMMEDIATELY, ON A WARTIME BASIS, MAKE PROVISIONS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF THE ABOVE NOTED BIOLOGICALS IN THE USA.

I must wonder if the "Chinese Virus" (ie COVID-19) came out of the secret "Biological Research" (ie "Biological Warfare"?) facility in Wuhan (Hubei Province) China.

ARMED CRIMINAL VIOLENCE: In the USA the murders, maimings and other sufferings inflicted by young, illegally armed, Black (And Latino?) thugs is far greater than the cited, new, virus (ie This includes such as caused by the 
criminal misuse of motor vehicles).

 The solution to that infection is:
1. NOT to disarm law-abiding citizens who can "put down" those carriers of that disease during those "golden minutes" before arrival and effective action by police/deputies (If, and only if, they are able to summon such assistance); And,
2. NOT to treat such good-and-armed citizens as presumed criminals when they exercise their lawful right to "keep and bear arms" and use deadly force in self-defense or the defense of innocent others.

Very basic to greatly limiting this disease requires:
3. The very public statements of political officials and other "leaders" that the vast majority of such crimes are inflicted by those Blacks who commit more crimes, more serious crimes and them more often than Whites and almost infinitely more so that those born in or ancestry is in China, India, Korea and Japan OR who come from traditional Jewish families;
4. The expressed-and-exercised public policy of police and prosecuting attorneys to assume that any-and-all, law-abiding (ie Lacking a prior record of convictions for violent crimes) is innocent of any crimes after using or threatening-the-use of deadly force in the face of such criminal conduct as "presents a clear-and-present danger of death or great bodily harm to others; And,
5. Perhaps, the commitment of The Bar to provide, on a pro bono basis, especially qualified attorneys to defend those good citizens
described above in those cases (Or jurisdictions) where they are presumed to be criminals and persecuted for exercising their, above cited, rights.

ISLAMIST VIOLENCE: Throughout the wider world and for the last 1400-years the true-believing followers of Islam have inflicted like, criminal, violence as extends far beyond that described above as it has led to: Actual genocide; The destruction of two-thousand year old communities; The forced exile and migration of millions (ie Being the primary source of this era's refugees); Physical enslavement of many; And, the sexual abuse of females---Some as young as nine years-of-age. These crimes are in strict obedience to the commands of that fellow Mohammed (Of Mecca and Medina). 

Very basic to countering this pandemic is the very public declaration, within and without the USA,by public, religious and academic leaders of:
6. The facts of those unalterable teachings;
7. And that treaties (Or like agreements) with Muslims are not binding on them if such interferes with obeying those commands or achieving
the ultimate goal of Islam---The universal control of all humanity under Muslim, male, rule.

"SOCIALIST" VIOLENCE: For the last hundred-or-so years there have been millions of humans murders, tortured and enslaved by "Socialists" who include such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and historic-and-current clones [I do not include the "People's Republic (sic) Of China as that nation's crimes are more a matter of traditional imperialism OR North Korea which is a case of insanity].

Basic to countering such "Socialists" are:
8. The very public declaration of the above-cited leaders that there has been no nation-wide "Socialism" without official murders (ie Up to genocide), deprivation of all civil rights (eg After disarming all citizens except the ardent supporters of the tyrannical-rulers) and a degeneration of "the quality of life" in such places (ie The Scandinavian nations are, at most, "Semi-Socialist" and now based on very active. capitalist, economies); And,
9. Maintaining those military forces AND economic practices fully capable of resisting the open and hidden aggression of "Socialists".

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