Friday, March 31, 2017

Proposed Constitutional Amemendments

CONCERNING THE CONGRESS: No person who has graduated from a law school or who has practiced law may be a Member of the Congress from six-years after ratification of this article. Nothing in the Constitution shall prevent the Several States from a like restriction as to membership in their legislatures. (Since lawyers, properly, control the Judicial Branch and are well on the way towards control of the Executive Branch, it seems proper to prevent their like control of the Legislative Branch.)

CONCERNING LIMITING JUDICIAL ACTIONS: A. Any judicial decision limiting or overturning an act of the Congress as executed by the President is limited to the judicial district or circuit in which it was made until confirmed by The Congress or The Supreme Court Of The United States; B. Any decision of The Supreme Court Of The United States may be reversed or nullified by a two-thirds vote of the House Of Representatives; C. All decisions of the courts of the United States shall use the intent of the authors of Constitution, its amendments and the Laws of the United States as the basic authority and source for such actions. (These provisions return constitutional power to the People and their democratically elected representatives as taken from them by individual or small groups of unelected judges.)

Concerning Immigration & Citizenship: Persons who illegally enter the United States or illegally remain there after a legal entry or who have falsely applied for citizenship may be immediately removed from the Nation or confined until removal upon only evidence of of those illegal actions. The children of such persons are not citizens of the United States by reason of their birth in our nation but have and maintain the citizenship held by their parent(s). (This article protects the value of lawful citizenship in the USA and is consistent with many nation's laws.)

CONCERNING ARMS: No citizen of the United States shall be forbidden from possessing or carrying any individual weapon commonly issued to the members of the Militia or National Guard or Armed Forces except: If such citizen has been found too dangerously mentally ill or too criminal to do so by a court-of-record; Or, where such carrying presents a clear-and-present-danger of death-or-great-bodily-harm to others; Or, is a fully-automatic firearm or explosive device or projects poisons or radio-active materials. (This article confirms the intent of the Founders as to an armed citizenry and extends full rights to law-abiding and sane citizens who are 18 to 21 years of age.)

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