Sunday, March 19, 2017

Returning To Effective "Balance Of Powers"

When the founders of this nation outlined our government in our Constitution, they set a careful balance between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. That balance has been seriously disturbed and the whole structure of our government now is moving towards collapse and the dictatorship of the judicial elite---Who care little for democracy. That balance must be reset. My suggestion to enact the following Amendment to the Constitution, which would give the Congress the power to correct the errors which have infiltrated our society by judicial usurpations.

"The Congress of the United States may reverse or nullify any decision of the 
Supreme Court of the United States or of the lesser Courts of Appeal by a two-
thirds vote of the member present and voting in either House OR by a simple 
majority of the members present and voting in both the Senate and House of 
Representatives. The vote of each member of the Congress in such matters is to 
be separately recorded and immediately made public. Such matters are to have 
priority over all other business of the Congress".


Anonymous said...

Surely if The Founders had known about those vile mudslimes in the near east, they wouldn't have allowed judges such leniency in interpretation of the constitution. How tragic that the writers of the Constitution didn't realize that those "human rights" they were handing out could one day be stretched to include moslems. May Saint Gulik protect our fair nation!

- Kallisti

Shane Chubbs said...

A possible addition:

A state, if not a party to the controversy, and by the same process as a state constitutional amendment, may nullify the opinion of any court operating under the authority of Article III of the Constitution for the united States of America.