Friday, March 10, 2017

Universities' Duty To Protect

The gross number of "politically incorrect" persons being shouted-down at universities is too large to accurately establish. Yet, university authorities have failed to: Video tape those enemies of free speech and academic freedom; Identify them; Formally expel students involved in such actions; And, for the much smaller number of staff-fascists, terminate their employment (ie Without regard to tenured status).

The mob actions (eg University Of Wisconsin-Madison, UC-Berkeley, Middlebury College) are very, very, much more serious as they presented "a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm" to others. At UW the police were instructed to "not interfere". At Middlebury College the mob followed an invited speaker out of the cancelled meeting, attacked his auto and inflicted neck injuries on his faculty supporter. The danger by arson and other means at UC-Berkely have been widely reported.

It was the duty for University officials to call upon law enforcement agencies to use such force (Even deadly force) to suppress those mob actions. They failed of their "duty to protect".

That failure invokes the statutory and Natural Law right of others to use any level of force needed to immediately suppress such mob actions.

                                      IN RE BESTIAS PESSIMAS CADITE EOS

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