Friday, April 07, 2017

Protecting Free Speech & Academic Freedom

There have been Fascist mobs at many colleges/universities who have attacked the constitutional free speech rights (And, “academic freedom”) of invited speakers and those who wished to listen to them.
They have done so by “shouting down” those speakers and by physical assaults as “present a clear and present danger of death or great bodily harm” to others---Which perceived danger allows the police or anyone else to use deadly force to protect the innocent.

Before any event likely to produce those tyrannical acts the responsible and duty-bound school administrators should both assure that protected persons who will video-record those talks and insure that a force-sufficient of armed police are present.

Such officials should before and at those events make the following announcements:
1. Announce that any student or college employee who attacks that free-speech exercise of academic freedom will be immediately banned from campus and, after the usual due-process hearing, formally expelled or fired;
2. The audience will be video-recorded and any such persons will be identified;
3. Any concealment of faces-and-identities will also result in the same actions;
4. Police officers have been asked to be present per my request; 
5. Any acts of violence will both result in the above, punitive actions, and arrest by police officers and referral for criminal prosecution;  And,
6. This college has advised those police that it has no objections to the use of any force necessary to execute any such arrests AND, more specially, to halt any acts which represent "a clear and present danger of death OR great bodily harm" to others.

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