Friday, March 10, 2017

Dem Saboteurs: Lessons-Of-History

Does this sound familiar?

The Republicans have a very thin majority in the House Of Representatives and the US Senate. There is a Republican President; But, he is opposed or not fully supported by many members of his own Party.

Congressional Democrats are using every trick allowed under the House Rules to stop the Republican Party from moving its agenda through the Congress.

The year was 1890!

Those assassins of democracy, in the. Congress were finally suppressed by a courageous Speaker (Mr. Thomas Brackett Reed) who crushed those petty-tyrants by a “creative” use of his authority.

Perhaps Speaker Paul Ryan should take-a-lesson from the above---If, and only if, he has the courage to do so.

The same might be asked of the GOP "leaders" in the US Senate.

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