Monday, March 13, 2017

A Free Press????

Since President Trump (Who I did not support until his formal nomination by my Party)  took office and began direct communications with The People, there are very many in the "Lame Street Media" who are whining and sniveling about his critiques of them and their co-actors as "attacks on the free press".

But, is there a "Free Press"?  A far too large a part of today's media are self-enslaved to the Fascist and very anti-democracy tenets of Die Fuehrer of the Democratic (sic) Party's bosses  and their various agents, sponsors and other "Enemies Of The People".

This is often demonstrated by:
1. Their state of dhimmitude exposed by biased and grossly dishonest reporting on Islam and the horrid acts of its most loyal and orthodox followers as executed in strict obedience to the unalterable commands of that criminal-terrorist ideology; And,
2. Their disdain for all parts of The Bill Of Rights (eg The "free exercise of religion" as intended by the Founders; Article II and Article X) as do not deal with a "free press.

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