Monday, June 06, 2016

On Shooting Laquan McDonald

On the basis of the limited information available it appears the 17-year old thug, Laquan McDonald, (An "adult" under Illinois's criminal laws) was attacking now Ex-Officer Jason VanDyke with a knife AND was only 15-feet away from that potential victim when the first shot was fired. That short distance is well within the "Deadly Threat" distance as scientifically established by the Tueller Test .
I note that it has taken up to 33-"hits" to stop a charging criminal. The FBI has addressed the question of multiple shots needed to stop such attacks and the physiological reasons for that danger.

Unlike a possibly “doctored” police video (Did it take a year to morph that video?), it appears that the first volley of gunfire resulted in wounds only to the front of the target's body---Showing that he was facing the shooter AND not walking past him (Unless it was to get a better “angle of attack”?) before turning towards Mr. VanDyke.

Yes, it would have been better For Mr. VanDyke to stop shooting after the real criminal was "down" (As WAS established in the case of Missouri's Michael Brown); But, the fear of being “cut” might be a mitigating factor.

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