Saturday, May 28, 2016

Obama, Hiroshima & Other Places

After listening to Barack Hussein Obama's comments from Hiroshima, I suggest that he take a side trip to the Philippine Republic and:
1. Walk the route of the "Bataan Death March"; And, 
2. Interview any, if any, surviving "Comfort Women" who were enslaved in Japanese military brothels.

If our relations with China were better, I would also recommend that he travel to Nanking and speak with any, if any, survivors of the "Rape Of Nanking".

Although he spends much time (At the expense of US tax-payers) in Hawaii during his Imperial vacations, I must also wonder if he (Since his election) has:
1. Visited the USS Arizona memorial;
2. Personally viewed the "National Cemetery Of The Pacific" (aka "The Punch Bowl") and reflected on the many thousands of real Americans who died in defeating the horrid rule of Imperial Japan----And, the many millions of others who died and suffered because of Japanese mis-rule; And, 
3. Considered the number (Up to 1,000,000) of American and allied lives which were saved by the uses of the A-Bomb.

Since he wishes to eliminate future like suffering due to A-Bombs by limiting/eliminating them, he would do to propose the same for Islam which has caused more suffering, over the last 1400-years and to this day, than the  A-Bombs (And remove one major reason to maintain and keep ready the USA's atomic stock piles).

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