Sunday, June 26, 2016

Immigration, "Illegals" & Blacks

The term "undocumented immigrants" is willfully false. Those persons are "illegal immigrants" who have begun their lives in my nation in violation of our democratically enacted laws. They continue to violate those law by stealing jobs from our fellow citizens, especially the poorest among us.

Secondly,  B.H. Obama  has not had dangerous criminals deported, but has turned them loose on the innocent victims of their future crimes. He has (Like, but more than other presidents) failed of his oath-of-office as to enforcing our laws.

Thirdly, our immigration laws are not "broken"; But, have never been effectively enforced (Especially as to those legally entering the USA but now violating the conditions of their visas by: Overstaying the time limits allowed; Stealing jobs from our citizens and legal immigrants; And, being involved in terrorism and other criminal activities.

Fourthly, if those "Illegals" do not wish to be separated from their children, they should take those with them when they return to their real "home lands".

I still wonder at the failure of "Black leaders" to forcefully and always demand the enforcement of our democratically enacted immigration laws---As such "illegals" steal or occupy jobs which should be held by the poorest among us (Black youths).

I am the son and grandson of legal immigrants.

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