Saturday, June 25, 2016

"AR-15" & Like Arms NEEDED By Americans

The "AR-15" is short-hand for all semi-automatic-only long arms with magazines holding more than eight-rounds. That (Such) weapons have be decried as "weapons of war" by opponents of the fullest exercise by citizens of "the right to keep and bear arms" (Without "infringement).

Although I do not own such a firearm, I will accept that application---And approve of it on the basis of the following points.
1. The "AR-15" is the ideal weapon to resist the war-like attacks of home-and-business invaders, those waging Jihad and other dangerous thugs as: It  is much more accurate at the usual self-defense distances of 30-feet or less than are hand-guns; Its light weight and recoil make it more suitable for women and trained youths to use in the home/business defense of self and innocent others; And, its "round" will tumble when hitting walls or criminals---And, not go through them to kill or injure other persons at great distances as do, for example, the "30-30" round so common in hunting rifles.
2. Its (Their) large magazines allow the usually-needed three rounds to "put down" some thug and for the (According to reports on home invasions) multiple such critters.
3. As Islamic-Terrorists are now waging war (With both guns and bombs) in the USA, that such war-weapon allows citizens (During the usual too-long wait for effective police action) to have a "war weapon" which allows them some chance of defeating those orthodox Muslims waging Islam's commanded "perpetual war" (Jihad) against those "unbelievers" who are 99% of our fellow citizens.
4. Possession of large numbers of such weapons by law-abiding and sane (Unless declared otherwise, for each challenged citizen, by a court-of-law after a full "due process hearing) citizens provides a safeguard against government tyranny as so properly feared by the Founders of our Republic

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