Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Mohamed Ali As "Hero"

As evidence of the basic nature of today's "Black Culture" many have touted Mohammed Ali as a "Superhero". I suggest that those critters and all others consider the following.

1. Whatever the faults/sins of too many of its followers, Western Christianity invented and is still developing "Civilization" as supports learning, wide knowledge and is working towards "equal justice under law".
2. Mohammed Ali left that faith and joined Islam which: Is very opposed to such equal justice; And, which very often is opposed to learning beyond the Koran and such weapons-technical information as allows its followers to better murder others---Including students of "Western" knowledge.
3. To compound that offence against civilization, Ali first joined "The Nation Of Islam" as, very much, supported a KKK-plus level of racism.
4. Mohammed Ali refused to be inducted into our Armed Forces as he opposed the Vietnam War (Which I found to be very much mismanaged and lost by Democrats) in opposition to our democratically-enacted laws  and as put some other draftee at risk.
5. That "hero" earned very much money by pounding the heads of other (Usually Black) boxers as is likely to have resulted in injuries even more serious and immediate than those inflicted on him.

All  might better consider such Black heroes as: Professor Thomas Sowell (A “high school drop-out”); Secretary-of-State, Professor and pianist Condoleezza Rice (Whose parents were school teachers in the “Old South” when such were neither well paid nor respected by Whites); Mathematician and business-leader Herman Cain (Who I supported with money and words during his campaign for election to the Presidency)Dr. Benjamin S. Carson; Member of Congress, Ms. Mia Love; Congressman, military hero Alan West (Who destroyed his military career by “protecting his troops”) And, Mr. Justice Thomas (Who was born in a Southern town without a sewage system and to a “farm worker” father and mother who worked as a “domestic”.

We should also consider that the usual "Heroes" of the successful and racially identifiable Americans of Chinese decent are scholars---As is  also usually the case for Jews.

What "role model" should be held up for  Black and other citizens (And legal immigrants) in the USA?

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