Saturday, February 09, 2013

Women, Self-Defemse & Protecting Others

The October 21, 2012 mass shootings in a Brookfield, Wisconsin salon demonstrate just how effective is an over-dependence on "restraining orders" to prevent somestic violence. It is only a piece-of-paper and will not stop a bullet (Or other weapons which I will not mention as they might give someone some very bad ideas for WMD). It also and clearly demonstrate the inability of the always too late police to protect anyyone and everyone from all dangerous criminals.

In true and serious cases of domestic abuse the potential victim (Usually, but not always, women) should be advised to also obtain a license to carry concealed weapons, obtain a concealable handgun, learn to use it (At the usual short range of related shootings) AND carry that weapon, knowledge and intent where ever they go.

Had Ms. Zina Haughton (The primary target) done so she and the others murdered  by her lack of effective preventive actions might still be alive and uninjured.
It appears that lazy police, inattentive prosecutors, the courts' use of restraining orders and various counseling programs have not stopped determined and murder-minded domestic abusers.

The "hard lesson" is that such terrorists (Like others I could name) are stopped only by deadly force. When the attacks of such creatures are seconds away, the police are minutes or hours away. Therefore, it is the right and, perhaps, the duty of threatened persons to protect themselves. In this era, that means having a CCW license, possessing a concealable firearm, knowing how to use it (At the close ranges usual in such matters) and carry the gun, training and intent with them at all times.

"Gun control" has never worked. There are alternatives to guns abd some easily available WMD much more dangerous than handguns or long-arm.

Legislators AND all others should remember that possessing firearms is now a constitutional right which may be limited or revoked only by due process of law.  The kangaroo court responses to petitions for restraining orders do not meet that standard!  [Although I have never been a subject for any restraining order, I know of cases where no proofs were offered to support such petitions beyond petitioners' claims of abuse.]
Please remember the "woman in the attic who protected herself and her child by (Only) driving away an armed intruder with the only six rounds available to her.

Excellent Self-Training Source: Tomkin, Mattherw; (DVD) Shoot Him To The Ground---Tactical Point Shooting for the  21st Century; Paladin Press.

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