Sunday, February 10, 2013

AR-15s = "Personal Defense Weapons"/FEDs

I am even more confused than usual state. President Obama, Congress Members, Mayors Bloomberg (New York) and Barrett (Milwaukee) (And such others of their mayors' group who have not yet been sent to prison) and others on-the-left all assure us that "assault rifles", with large capacity magazines and folding stocks (Most of which are not such as they are only semi-automatics) are a clear-and-present danger to the People and the Republic.

Yet, the Department of Homeland Security has posted a request for bids on such weapons (With 30-round magazines) describing them as PERSONAL DEFENSE WEAPONS!

Could it be that Federal bureaucrats (Probably more loyal to their political bosses than to the Constitution)  expect an unequal privilege of personal self-defense greater than the right of the People to the same and effective means of self-defense? It would appear that the large capacity magazines and folding stocks are an integral part of self-defense weapons--At least per our own Federal government.

I note that 7000 such weapons is enough to arm a large Army brigade or small division. Against who are such weapons to be used? (B[Please remember that paranoia is limited to unreasonable, not based on facts, fears].


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