Saturday, February 02, 2013

Even More Thoughts On Guns & Violence

1. The illegal use of guns is inversely proportional to the ease, in each jurisdiction,with which the People can obtain (And carry) large caliber firearms with magazines of eight-plus rounds---And have semi-automatic rifles with larger magazines, even the "scary" ones which look like true assault rifles, which are machine guns;
2. Chicago's high crime rate cannot be blamed on the illegal drug trade as other cities where such trafficking exists in cities with much lower murder rates and easier access to guns;
3. Home invasions are usually executed (No pun intended) by more than one thug;
4. In the heat of a home-defense a minimum of three rounds per  invader is the minimum needed for self-defense and defense of family (ie 3X3=9). So much for New York's limit of seven-rounds in each semi-automatic pistol AND Mr. Joseph Biden's "Double Barreled Shotgun:! [This is based on the old FBI protocol of "Two to the chest and one to the head"---AND who wants to limit the People to the minimum needed to defend their homes and lives?];
5. Universal record checks lead to universal identification (Who will trust the Federal government to erase that data after approving a gun sale/transfer?) and, as in Australia, universal confiscation;
6. The real reason for the People to have military grade rifles is not self-defense but to retain, as recommended by President Thomas Jefferson, the ability to depose tyrants; And,
7. The real danger of mass killings comes NOT from firearms but from very easily accessible WMD which do not even require the level of expertise demonstrated by Timothy McVeigh and those other terrorists at  both of Twin Towers bombings (I will not list or describe those WMD lest this note be leaked and some terrorist use them).

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