Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Jihad" Vs. Wisconsin Supreme Court

With the primary election of Feb. 19, 2013 the citizens of Wisconsin continued the process of either reelecting Justice Patience Roggensack to a seat on Wisconsin's Supreme Court or replacing her with Marquette University Law Professor Fallone.. It is now fitting-and-proper to consider some facts about the ongoing (Artificially kept alive?) controversy about Justices Prosser and Bradley.

Justice Bradley has claimed that Justice Prosser physically attacked her. We should consider that  her position on a court does not  preclude her from seeking redress for that, alleged, offense in other courts.
1.She might have files charges against Mr. Justice Prosser in Dane County. I do not know if she did;  But, even the special persecutor appointed to review this matter would not prosecute as to any State Criminal charge.
2. She might have asked for a presentment to a Federal Grand Jury as to anyone of the far too manly Federal laws now burdening our legal system and the People. I do not know if she did; But, no Federal indictment has some to our attentions.
3. Justice Bradley might have filed a civil action (ie "Law Suit") in our State or Federal courts for the "Tort"  she alleges; But, it would appear that she has not done so; Perhaps, because she cannot meet even the lower "preponderance of evidence" test for civil Vs. the higher "Beyond A Reasonable Doubt" test required for criminal convictions.

Then, why is those unproven allegations continue to be "thrown up" at the our fellow citizen-voters?  That affair was, as might be expected, used against Mr. Justice Prosser who continued to receive the trust of the voter.

Then, alleged journalists, political assassins and others attempted to use the above-noted matter against Mr. Justice Gableman, who the sounder citizens reelected to office. Now, the same unclean crew is attempting to link that fairy tale to Justice Roggensack.

Why?"  Because those on-the-left only agree with the decisions, given in the sacred secrecy of  the voting booth, of the People when such choices fit in with their anti-democracy and against-the-common-good positions. The above-noted and unclean attacks are but an effort to make the majority of the  State Supreme Court into the camp of the Left.

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