Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guns, Teachers & "Feelings"

I am not interested in the "feelings" of school staff and others who would be "uncomfortable" with armed staff or even police officers in the schools. I am not interested in those who throw up such "what ifs" as potential law suits if some innocent person is shot by lawfully armed persons or the more-than-ignorant proposition that such armed persons will "challenge" terrorists, "crazies" and other criminals to invade our schools and massacre our children. (Such persons, even if mentally ill, look for "easy targets".)

I am interested in acceptance of the fact that more trained and authorized persons, carrying concealed weapons and on-site, reduces the probability that such horrid crimes will be fully successful in our schools (As well as shopping centers, retail businesses, theaters and other places). Such trained persons need not be peace officers, the cost of which to protect large buildings is within the reach of only such schools as used by the elite.
Unlike too many, I understand that those educators who rely on feelings rather than facts and baseless speculation  are those who have driven so many public schools into effective failure to educate our children---Who they would now make defenseless against evil men.

The basic question to be asked of the above-cited teachers is: Which is more important: Your “feelings” about guns OR the lives of “your” children?

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