Friday, February 22, 2013

Impossible To Insult "Islam" Or Mohammed!

It is impossible to insult "Islam". Why? Because that criminal-terrorist ideology approves, encourages and often commands the use of: Murder; Genocide; Rape; The sexual abuse of very young children; Stealing from and lying to "unbelievers"; Aggressive war upon the slightest excuse; Punishment of criminals by torture (Once common to other belief-systems or cultures, but given up over time);  And, the other horrors taught by that fellow Mohammed.

Mohammed (Of Mecca and Medina, the inventor of "Islam") cannot be insulted as he taught the propriety of the above-noted evils AND, in his personal life (Held up, by "Muslims", as the finest model for male behavior) was a murderer, bandit, treaty breaker and general liar and the perverted sexual abuser of a
nine-year-young girl-child.

Although Christians have committed the above-noted crimes, they generally come to the conclusion that such acts were offenses against God and declare that truth. "Muslims", by contrast, "danced in the streets" about hearing of the murder of innocents at New York's "Twin Towers".  I have yet to hear or read of any collective apology (By any Mullah, Iman, Ayatollah or other "Islamist".

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