Sunday, January 23, 2011

Effective Use Of Military To Secure USA Borders

I strongly disagree with the statement that we have "tried everything" to secure our Southern border against the flood of drug dealers, terrorists, gang-members and paroled prisoners returning here after prior deportation, carriers of untreatable diseases (eg Drug resistant TB), job and identity thieves and such like unamerican trash.

One and untried method is as offered here:
1. Restrict the Border Patrol to urban areas and a thousand yards on either side of authorized, rural crossing points;
2. Allow anyone to cross into Mexico, without question, at any authorized crossing point or station;
3. Use four rows of razor ribbon coils In addition to the fences yet to be build and those sort-of in place along the entire border except for roads leading to authorized crossing points;
4. Make the balance of our border, for the first 1000-yards into the USA, a military zoneith posted notices in English, Spanish, Parsi, Arabic and local Native American languages that persons entering illegally there will be treated as invaders and will be shot, without warning if they are armed or resist arrest, and otherwise taken into custody for forced deportation or TRIAL BY MILITARY COMMISSION.

The troops could be regulars (Some brought back from Europe whose countries appear unwilling to defend themselves), reservists, National Guard and members of the General Militia (Also ad hoc posses raised by Sheriffs, mayors, JPs and other local government officials)

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