Saturday, January 08, 2011

Constitutionally Protecting The Constitution

The greatest internal danger to the rights, under our Constitution, of US Citizens lies not in revolutionaries, jihadi, dishonest politicians, but in those Federal Courts where the judges worshipTHE LAW and themselves far more than those rights and, most particularly, the intent of the authors of the constitution and of its later amendments.

Those judges have "discovered" rights not in the Constitution and not intended by the above noted authors. Those judges have established "evolving standards..." which are most certainly not in the Constitution. In both cases, the Constitution, itself, provides the means, by amendment, to do such things.

To constitutionally protect the Constitution from such abuses I suggest we look to President Thomas Jefferson for guidance and enact an amendment to our basic law, TO WIT:
" (A) In all decisions of the Courts of the United States judges shall declare those parts of the Constitution, as amended, upon which those decisions are based and consider the words and intent of the authors of the Constitution and its Amendments as the primary base for such judicial actions to the exclusion of all other views.
(B) Those courts shall not rely upon the decisions of courts or other bodies outside the United States as to the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the Several States.
(C) The Constitution is the sole authority for the adding to or removing of the rights of the People of the United States.
(D) This Amendment shall take effect upon ratification; But it is not retroactive in its force."

I put to you that this will return the authority and power of the Constitution to the People AND bring back into balance the power of the three branches of government.

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