Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guns 1000-ft From Congress-Critters: NOT+

With very rare exceptions I have agreed with and supported the positions Congressman Peter King has put forth! The only such exception I can think of is his very recent proposal to forbid the possession of a firearm within 1,000-feet of a Member of the Congress.

That proposal fails tests-of-reason, of which I have provided below a few.
1. Criminals and "crazies" do NOT obey such laws.
2. A thousand-feet is a "close in shot" for many trained riflemen such as the Texas Tower Killer and the left-wing goon who murdered President Kennedy.; Some riflemen can hit targets at over 1,500-yards.
3. "Gun free zones" quickly become "free fire zones" (eg Virginia Tech U., Northern Illinois University and, for that matter, Columbine High School, where the on-site police officer ran away from danger) The presumption of gun-free-status can lean to relaxed security.
4. As a matter of "due process", how could an apolitical hunter know than a Member in within a 1000-feet of where s/he might be?

I am very grateful that the Arizona killer did not use a vest/car/fuel-air bomb

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