Friday, January 21, 2011

Attorneys & GNP

It appears that the usually billed "services" of attorneys are included in the USA 's Gross National Product.along with those of dentists, physicians, landscapers and other independent craftsmen, legitimate massage therapists , and other like persons.

But, what do attorneys produce? Oh, there are some who defend the innocent, prosecute the guilty, insure a fair criminal or civil trial, arrange for the proper distribution of the property of those who have died and, sometimes, bring people closer together than otherwise.

But, too many (Most?) of attorneys in the USA feed off the overly complex laws and government regulations inflicted on the People; Laws-and-rules that they, for the most part, created as members of the Congress and other legislative bodies, as well as the administrative agencies that they dominate. Of course, they properly also control the remaining, judicial, branch of government (Although there are other models for oversight of the judicial process.)

We should ask the following questions and reflect on them and the probable answers.
1.. What part of our GNP is "services by attorneys"?
2. How does that compare with today's economic powerhouses of Japan , India and the People's Republic of China ?
3. How many words of laws and regulations are in-effect and put-into-effect in the USA each year VS. those other nations?
4. Would the People of the USA be better off if Attorneys were barred, by Amending our Constitution, from being Members of the Congress? (And allowing the Several States to do the same for their Legislatures?)

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