Sunday, February 06, 2011

Congress & GOP Leading By Example---NOT

Buried in today's paper was an article noting that the Congress has proposed a cut in its budget much smaller than that proposed for the other parts of our government.

Now that the Republican Party has control of the House Of Representatives, out of which all money spending Bills must come, there is no excuse for this horrid example of "do as I say and not as I do" anti-philosophy.

I will "believe" that Republicans are sincere and effective about controlling our Federal government's spending when they initiate and force through such measures as would: Reduce their salaries by 10% until such time as we have a balanced budget without borrowing money; Require Members and their staff to pay "fair market value" for such fringe benefits as retirement, health insurance, hair cuts, meals in the Congress' restaurants and the other like "goodies" they get; Require members to cut their staff budgets by 10% (Same condition as above; And, without "out-sourcing")

The House can also cut the number and grossly over-pay of Federal bureaucrats; And, should start with Mr. Obama's Czars who are not subject to the same Congressional control as the already in-place Department Secretaries and Under-Secretaries.

Any refusal by Democrats will make good "ammo" for the GOP's use in the 2012 election. Refusal by Republicans would provide the "other Party" with far too much like "ammo".

I will believe the effectiveness of "Tea Party" organizations when they make very public either parties' Members refusal to go along with such measures

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